Technical Articles

Published technical articles include the following (note that clients may have made content changes before publishing):

An Ensemble Framework of Voice-based Emotion Recognition:

Annotations from a Crowd – The New Approach to Information Extraction:

AR for a Richer Cup of Coffee:

Artificial Intelligence vs. Lawyers – Are Legal Professionals a Thing of the Past?:

Blockchain-based QA – The End of Fake Products in E-commerce?

Flexibility Through Modularity – Alibaba’s JarsLink Modular Development Framework:

Fluttering Above the Rest – Transforming E-commerce Across Multiple Systems:

Good Things Come in Small Packages:

How AI Masters English to Russian Translation:

Learning How to Be Popular – QA-style Product Sentiment Mining:

Live Streaming to 2 Million Users:

Lost for Words – Speech Synthesis with Limited Data Using Linear Networks:

Optimizing Test Environments by Containing Stability:

Reading Aloud – Sequential Memory for Speech Synthesis:

Rising Through the Ranks – Multi-scenario Search Result Ranking is Better at Finding Users What They Want, However They’re Looking For It:

Speaking Up – Optimizing Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Systems:

Why the Blank Expressions? Solution to App White-screen Syndrome: